Crayon Donations

As school comes to an end, remember that the library collects crayons.  If they are in good condition, we might keep them for our arts and crafts.  All other crayons will be donated to The Crayon Initiative, where they will be melted down, reshaped, and donated to children’s hospitals around the United States.

We have one box ready to go, and will wait until school is out for all Lyon County schools before sending anymore.  Can we get another box full?

Severe Weather Policy

During severe storms or tornadoes the library will monitor the weather closely. If time to evacuate we will go to the Methodist Church at 5th and Walnut unless there is time to close the library. If no time to evacuate we will go to the bathroom on the children’s side or one of the storerooms.

Please stay safe and tune in to your weather radio, local radio stations, or local television stations for current weather updates.


Americus Township Library

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