Astronaut reading a book in space. One of the pictures for advertising our Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading PRogram Schedule

June is Summer Reading Program. We are lucky to have an amazing Summer Reading Program scheduled. We have programs and crafts this year. On our craft days, we will have a library craft, and those that wish, will have to opportunity to work with the Crafty Crocheters to learn more about crochet and start making projects.Below is our current schedule. We do not intend on any changes but please look at our Facebook and webpage to find out if there are any.
June 4th — Planetarium Visit (Be sure to look at the post about this.)
June 6th — Name Rocket Craft / Crafty Crocheters
June 11th — Puzzle Piece Alien Craft / Crafty Crocheters
June 14th — Exploration Place at the Library
June 18th — Painting Craft / Crafty Crocheters
June 20th — Karen Heins will be talking to us about space
June 25th — Sun Catcher Craft / Crafty Crocheters
June 27th — Rocket Racer Program

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